Raunchy 12-Class Membership

$200.00 Sold Out

The Raunchy 12-Class Membership Includes:

- 12 Classes (Monday-Thursday Open Classes Only)
- Complimentary Wine for 21+ Students on Monday-Wednesday Classes. (I.D Required)
- $10 Off Merchandise $30 or More
- $10 Off VivaLaDance Events $30 or More
- Earn "Viva Bucks" for every Class or Party referral you make. (Client must say your name at the door or email)
- With a 12 Class Membership, you can roll up to 6 Unused Classes to the next month making your Membership available for 60 Days After Purchase. For Example: Purchase Oct 22nd Ends Dec 22nd
- Membership becomes active at time of purchase unless specified AT time of purchase.

- Membership can NOT be shared with anyone

- Ladies Only. You MUST be at least 18 years of age to take a Viva La'Dance Class. I.D Required at Entry.

Classes are held at:
335 East Price Street (3rd Floor - Enter On Osceola St)
Philadelphia Pa. 19144
Bring Email Confirmation At Door Upon Arrival

- Attire Daily is Red and/or Black with comfy heels (Heels are highly preferred but not mandatory)
- Sneakers on Thursdays at 8pm
- Doors Close 15min after the hour (No Exceptions)
- No Spectators Whatsoever
- No Outside Bottles, Alcohol or Beverges allowed into VivaLaDance. IF you bring alcohol to VivaLaDance you will be asked to leave. Plastic Bottles will be thrown out and gym jugs etc will be held until class is over. NO Exceptions.
- No Soliciting At VivaLaDance whatsoever
- Cellphones are to be on Silent or Vibrate during Class.

- All VivaLaDance Events are Nonrefundable & Nontransferable and Buyer is aware of this at time of purchase. A full refund is only granted when an event is canceled by VivaLaDance. In the event VivaLaDance cancels, your refund will take up to 10 Business Days to be returned.
- All VivaLaDance Memberships/Trial Passes are Nonrefundable and Nontransferable and Buyer is aware of this at time of Purchase. In the event that a student is in an accident or Health changes which requires them not to return for (X) amount of time, client must provide Proof by way of a signed Doctors note stating condition and specific time client can return before VivaLaDance grants a Transfer.
- Client is responsible for notifying VivaLaDance immediately and client has Up to 2wks to provide proof after notifying VivaLaDance. Transfer will not be granted after the 2Wk Period. Memberships will not be transferred if client notifies VivaLaDance after Membership ends.
- VivaLaDance reserves the right to observe all Federal Holidays in a Calendar Year.