Couples Lapdance Session


Our Private Couples Session, Known as "Dance For Daddy" is a VivaLaDance favorite. Nothing Spices up the Relationship like a Custom Made Lapdance.

Fee: $600
90 - Min Intimate Session
Viva, You & Your Boo
Candles, Red Lights... THE WORKS!
Complimentary Water
Light Refreshments
Complimentary Chilled Bottle of Wine
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Choose Your Own Date and Time
Choose Your Song Selection
Complimentary Couples Thank You Gift
Recorded & Edited Session For Memories

We do EVERYTHING! You just have to SHOW UP!

Our Couples Sessions Are MORE than Just Dance. It takes you deeper into your relationship and shows you more about yourself and each other. A therapeutic experience to say the least!

All Payments towards The Couples Private Lesson Package (both Deposit & Balance) is Nonrefundable and Nontransferable and Buyer is aware of This at Time of Purchase.

Reschedule Fee - $100
The Reschedule Rate Covers the Cost of a New Date & Time at The Studio as well as an Inconvenience Fee for The Instructor. Reschedule Fees MUST be paid before midnight of the date of your session (For Example: Your Session scheduled for Jan 1st 5pm. Reschedule fee will be accepted until Jan 1st 11:59pm NO EXCEPTIONS) Should Your Fee be sent in after Midnight it will be refunded and your session will be marked as canceled. If still interested, You'll need to rebook a new session to continue.

(PLEASE READ 6X Before Booking!)
- Private Lesson Rate Must Be Paid Up Front To Reserve Your Date/Time.
- Please Arrive On Time, Studio Hours Are Set For Your Session Only.
After 10 min, Your Session Will Be Canceled. No Exceptions. You Can Contact Us Via Email or Direct Message @VivaLaVeese when you arrive If you need assistance with entering.
- ALL SESSIONS are Held at Our Southwest Philadelphia Location (Exact Address will be Emailed)
- Client has 30 Days from time of purchase to use the session.
- All Canceled/Rescheduled session request must first pay the $100 reschedule fee to reschedule a session that has been reserved for more than 5 Calendar Days.

No Alcohol Allowed inside VivaLaDance.
Client will be asked to leave immediately if Alcohol is brought inside studio.

(Recommended Attire)
Bodysuit, Fishnets, Shorts, Tights (Something Form Fitting) Knee Pads
Comfortable heels NOT TOO HIGH since your Partner will be sitting down.

For More Information on Proper Shoe Attire Visit Us On Instagram @Vivaladance_rep

Dates Already Reserved In 2020
(Please choose dates and times NOT listed below)
Feb 9th 5pm - 11pm BOOKED
Feb 14th 8pm - 9pm BOOKED
Feb 21st 7pm - 10pm BOOKED
Feb 22nd 5pm - 8pm BOOKED
Feb 29th 7pm - 9pm BOOKED
Mar 6th- Mar 8th BOOKED
Mar 13th 8pm - 10pm BOOKED
Mar 28th 7pm - 9pm BOOKED
May 9th 8pm - 9pm BOOKED
June 13th 3pm - 10pm BOOKED